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AT707-4K-RFID : Zoneless Pick-to-Light

AT707-4K-RFID : Zoneless Pick-to-Light

Zoneless Pick-to-Light

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  • Be able to implement less or no zone boundary in order fulfillment operation for   pick-by-light or put-by-light flow.
  • Allow to track each pick to a specific picker, then picker’s productivity could be countable accurately.
  • Confirmation by RFID technology to guarantee the accuracy.
  • Multi-color LED identification increases flexibility and productivity by allowing concurrent operating in one area.
  • Beep alert to inform a wrong operation has ocurred.
  • Up/down illuminated arrow buttons to control two locations(Up/Down).
  • More digits display can show more picking messages to eliminate using the other assistant models to save cost.
  • Next picking instruction message displayed to speed up the productivity.


ATOP Pick To Light Datasheet


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